Hello everyone,

Depending on your situation you may be able to represent your self in a court of law without the service of an attorney.

First you should ask your self the following questions:

What are the marital assets that we have it ?

Does my spouse and I have an agreement and how we should slipt our marital assets?

If you have any minor children

What are the child support guidelines in my State?

Do we know if alimony is an issue in this marriage?

Then if the answer is yes, who is entitled to and how to calculate the amount of alimony?

Well now comes the part of putting all that into the required legal forms and submit them to the court with jurisdiction over the parties.

You should carefully answer those questions properly  in order to avoid problems that could delayed your divorce.

We all have friends of friends who knows something. Well friends may not have a license to practice law and you may get the wrong information. A divorce lawyer may tell you what the law is and you have his license to go after if you receive the wrong information.

Since this posting is intent to help, here are few alternatives:

Consult a divorce lawyer to get information about family laws in your State.

Lawyers will only advise one spouse the other will have to get independent legal advise (another lawyer).

Now that you both know the laws, you both can hired a Mediator to help you enter into a settlement agreement and he may help you with all the legal forms along with.

If you already have an agreement in all the issues of your marriage you could hired a Paralegal or documents prepared person to draft all your paperwork so you can file in the court that applies to you and wait to receive your dissolution of marriage signed by a judge.

Paralegals are Non Attorney Services so make sure you find a business or a person with a reputable history and knowledgeable of what they do.

To insure your peace of mind you could have Lawyer review all the work of your paralegal or a Non Attorney Services person, however it sounds easy but a lot of attorneys will not like that you didnt hired them to represent you and you paid much less to a Paralegal.

The attorney may attempt to file a complaint with the bar against the person helping you with your divorce.

However, attorneys are people so let’s not judge all of them to be this way as I mentioned above some attorneys are smarter than others and they recognize that some people have the need in save money and others just choose to save money. So many attorneys may find a great business for just charging you to review your divorce forms since it would not consume his time as otherwise.

I hope this article helps you please be advise that any of the contents in this article shall not substitute legal advise from a license divorce attorney.

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