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The Florida paralegal regulations are contained in Chapter 20 of the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar, a code of professional ethics.
A paralegal is a person with the education, experience and skills to perform some legal tasks under the supervision of an attorney. A paralegal is not licensed to practice law and cannot give legal advice. The supervising attorney is responsible for the quality of the work paralegals produce and any adverse consequences. These general regulations apply to all paralegals, registered or unregistered. Registered paralegals have additional regulations with which they must comply to maintain their status.

About the company

Marcelo Prado started his professional life as a collector for a small finance company called, "Summit Finance".

Within few years of training and working experience he became involved with the Corporate Debts by working for several banks.

Since Marcelo Prado had an interest in learning the aspects of the law he took a job in one of the major minority law firm in the Country at the time called " Adorno & Yoss".

Few years later he became a Paralegal after working together with several attorneys, that's when he decided to use his skills to help others by initiating a Paralegal Services called " Paralegal Help".

In 2009 Marcelo Prado received his Bachelors  of science degree in Business Administration. Marcelo Prado continued his education by entering law school.

In 2011 he became a Mediator and received his first certification by the Supreme Court of Florida.

His life as entrepreneur has many experiences from starting a payphones business, collection agency, cleaning managing real estate properties, Paralegal Services Mediation Services and Business Consulting Firm.

Today Marcelo Prado is working together with several professionals in order to provide business solutions for all challengers that comes with starting or running a business in today's Environment.


Family Law
Immigration Law
Small Claims

Latest News

“Behind every great lawyer is a great paralegal” is a sentence scrawled on many a magnet and coffee mug. And there’s some truth in the saying, because paralegals aid attorneys in nearly every facet of the legal profession. From drafting motions to summarizing reports of legal precedent, a paralegal can help lighten a lawyer's load tremendously. Like lawyers, paralegals can specialize in certain types of law, such as criminal, corporate, immigration and family. Also known as legal assistants, paralegals’ involvement in cases depends on their employer’s discretion. Some have a high degree of responsibility and autonomy, while others are restricted to narrower roles. The best paralegals are team players who operate behind the scenes. Paralegals work in a variety of settings, but they’re most commonly employed by law firms, government agencies and legal departments at corporations. 

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I needed to do my immigration forms. I didn’t know where to go or how to begin them. I asked a friend and he referred me to Marcelo Prado who helped me not only with my Immigration forms, but also with the translation of few documents that needed to be certified. Since I don’t speak very well English. I can only thank him for his service. I highly recommend him.